Feeling too busy to have fun?

Pulled in too many directions and feeling soul-tired because of it?

Do you wish someone would show up and take care of you for once?

I get it, Love

I’ve lived this and I’ve discovered a way through the gauntlet.

I know it’s possible to feel alive again so you can connect with the joy, creativity and giftedness that is your birthright!

What if you could take care of your loved ones without feeling drained to empty?

What if you had way more energy for your day to day life?

What if you didn’t feel like you were working so hard every day – and you actually felt beautiful moments of fun and joy?

This can happen for you, and you don’t have to do it alone.

I can help you care deeply and well for the people and projects you love….and have WAY more peace, energy and support than you have now.



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Channel your inner alchemist
Feel-It-Work Health and Wellness The Alchemist's Heart

How to Feel Better Now with Your Inner Alchemist

keys to feel better nowFeel better now! Discover secrets to connecting with your inner alchemist with this love letter:

Hello My Love, do you want to feel better? This is for you!

It’s been a challenging week around here…maybe for you as well?
I’ve had to throw dearly held plans right out the window in order to make wise decisions. I know I’m not the only one.

Maybe you have a situation right now (or two…or three…) which requires some uncomfortable piloting.

I’ll tell you straight up – adjustments on the fly are NOT my idea of a good time. I’m a huge fan of having a darn good idea about what’s going to happen. Especially when it’s something I’ve worked for. Delightful surprises are most welcome, of course, but not the sucky variety!

Thankfully, I know there are gifts hidden within the…well…sucky parts.
I also know paying attention to a few keys will unlock magic within your life and help you feel better fast.

Here’s the deal.
You have within you an inner alchemist.
It’s true. We all do!

And your inner alchemist is able to help you transform even your most perplexing conundrums.

All that’s required is communication.

Want to know how?feel better with the alchemy of communication
Here’s exactly what I do when a challenge arises.

1. First, I exclaim some version of “Oh Shit” in
side my head.
(Ok, sometimes it pops out where people can hear it. Being an alchemist isn’t about getting things perfect, it’s about living from a space of intentional transformation.)

2. I recognize that I’m triggered and remember it’s tough to be responsible (Read: response-able….able to respond…) when I’m reactive.

3. I notice what feelings are flying around in my mind and body. There is power in naming.

4. I thank my mind and body for communicating and ask: “What do I want?”

I give myself permission to be honest about whatever comes to mind first – but I dive deeper. Instead of getting stuck with “I wish this crappy incident hadn’t happened…,” I encourage myself to discover what FEELING state I want to experience BEYOND my desired outer form.
Here’s a useful question: “If I have what it is that I think I want on the outside, what would that give me on the inside?”

5. With gratitude and compassion, I honor my heart’s desire and begin to seek small action steps to move me in the direction of what I want. For an extra boost, I utilize these tried and true Secrets from the Alchemist: 10 Easy Ways to Nourish Your Spirit!

And this, Dearheart, is how YOU can set about alchemizing your life and feel better now.

It’s simple, but not easy.

moon alchemistTherefore, to assist you on your path, I’m offering a July alchemical drawing to gift TWO of my readers with an intimate, 75-minute Alchemy Session.

Entering is simple!
Comment on this email right now – before you chicken out – OR write me at christy@thealchemistsheart.com . Tell me where you are in the world and the single biggest area of your life you are ready to alchemize.

Here’s what will happen as soon as I receive your request:
I’ll hand-write your name, location and heart’s desire with my purple fountain pen. I’ll place your entry into a beautifully carved maple bowl which I will hold in a space of alchemical prayer until our next full moon on Tuesday, July 19th. I will close my eyes, place the bowl high above my head and choose two names to partner up with.

I’d love for you to be one of them!

With Love and Alchemy,

alchemy bowl
The Alchemist's Heart

Confessions of an Alchemist ~ What I REALLY Do

LoveHello Beautiful,

Here are confessions of an alchemist….PLUS, I have placed a gift here for you.  It is waiting at the bottom of this love letter…

A gifted woman asked me a powerful question this week:

What’s the difference between your life coaching and mental health counseling? And I responded with the standard (BORING) party lines: counseling tends to be more about healing the past while coaching is focused on present choices and strategies to create positive change.

Except that I do both. I have the equivalent of a giant rolling Craftsman toolkit chock-full of techniques to generate alchemy.

So I dove deeper. Uncomfortably deep, in fact.

And here is what I realized (umm, yep, 21 years after grad school): working strictly as a mental health counselor is like working with shackles on.

Why? Because an ENORMOUS part of my alchemy involves communication with the subtle energies that surround us. I have seen, felt, and YES, heard these energies since childhood.

In the counseling biz, there are rules about this sort of thing. This type of phenomena is considered clinically diagnosable. Because they’re hallucinations, right?


confessions of an alchemistDear One, this is the air I breathe.

To work with another human being without communicating with these energies would be like cutting off a limb.

The information I receive in this way is ALWAYS helpful. It is, in fact, the most USEFUL information I can rely on. It creates the quickest change at the deepest levels.

Judge the tree by the fruit it bears, right?


Take a look at what playing it safe (and small) means in a typical counseling session…..If I notice an energy of darkness that appears to be attached to a client, causing them pain, do I get to say so?

Nope. Not if I want to stay in good graces with the Counseling Board and keep my license.

I will diplomatically ask something like “Tell me about how your head feels…” (if it’s next to their head, of course!) and look for ways to explore what’s occurring within an “acceptable” mental health framework. I will use “guided imagery” to assist with releasing whatever’s stuck.  And it will definitely be effective.

They will feel better by the time they leave.  But it’s not as efficient.  Not as honest.  And not as much fun!

Because, Dearheart, when I get to be right up front with what I see going on with a client, we get to the juicy stuff and alchemize the energies in the best possible ways.

heartI LOVE this work. My heart jumps for joy every time I get to be of service in this soul-satisfying zone.

So today I am outing myself with my confessions of an alchemist.

Here is my sacred commitment: From this day forward, I am limiting the number of counseling clients I accept in order to open up more spaces for deep-diving, no-holds-barred, bring-on-the-full-truth Alchemy Sessions.

Want the real thing?

Here’s your chance:
I’m offering the perfect opportunity for you to find out what I REALLY do!  I’m holding an alchemical drawing to gift TWO of my readers EACH MONTH with an intimate, 75-minute Alchemy Session.  (Heads up! That means my premiere giveaway is coming right up on Wednesday, June 15th!)

alchemy bowlEntering is simple!
Leave a comment on this post right away and/OR email me at christy@thealchemistsheart.com  – before you chicken out. Tell me where you are in the world and the single biggest area of your life you are ready to alchemize.

Here’s what will happen as soon as I receive your request:
I’ll hand-write your name, location and heart’s desire with my purple fountain pen. I’ll place your entry into a large, beautifully hand-carved maple bowl, take a photo and email it to you so you know your entry is received and appreciated.  Rest assured that I will hold your entry in a space of alchemical prayer until the 15th of each month, guaranteed to help draw positive energy to transform your life!  The morning of the 15th, I will close my eyes, place the bowl high above my head and choose two names to partner up with.

I’d love for you to be one of them!

With Love and Alchemy,

P.S. The gifted woman who inspired this clarity is Amy Jones of MapYourProgress.com – guaranteed to be inspiring!

P.P.S. If you’re still reading and not scared off by my true confessions of an alchemist, you may be ready to nourish your own wellness.  If so, join our thriving, FREE private Facebook group – Inviting Aphrodite: The Alchemy of Self-Love & Soul Nourishment – to connect with women from around the world who deeply care about supporting each other in creating space for our inner Goddesses to SHINE!


15: Aromatherapy and the Wisdom of Intimate Relationships with Dana Frost

Dana-FrostExplore the powerful alchemy of aromatherapy and mine the wisdom of intimate relationships in this conversation with alchemist Dana Frost.                                                                    From essential oils to marriage to motherhood, you’re guaranteed to emerge from this podcast with alchemical tools to help you relax, recharge and experience your best possible life!


Dana is a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Nemenehah Native American healer, Certified Transcutaneous Acupuncturist and HeartMath Coach. I am inordinately grateful for Dana’s magic after experiencing the custom blend of essential oils she designed to inspire and support my life. She has a wonderful website and a GIANT toolkit of healing skills, and you can start transforming your life today with this outstanding interview.

  • Discover Dana’s special recipe for alchemizing any situation
  • Learn the amazing capacity of breath awareness to heal your mind and body
  • Explore immediately practical ways you can incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy right away….even without essential oils!
  • Empower yourself with exactly what you need to support yourself during tough transition periods
  • Understand why self condemnation doesn’t work….and absolute acceptance does

You’ll be delighted as Dana Frost shares her secret sauce (you’ll have to listen to find this delicious morsel) and core spiritual principle. This beautifully down to earth alchemist shares the wisdom and magic that have helped her create a life she loves ~ and shows you how you can do the same!

Be sure to pop over to DanaFrost.com and take advantage of Dana’s free ebook: Top 10 Checklist ~ Daily Vitality & Whole Living, as well as her gift Chasing Desire ~ DIY Simple Strategy Session. You’ll discover abundant resources to inspire and energize every area of your life!

And if you are tempted by the idea of rose essential oil (as I hope you are – it’s my personal lifetime favorite) here is the link promised on our interview for an affordable rose blend.




16: Saying YES to Your Soul with Tracee Sioux

Tracee-Sioux-Discover what happens when you say YES! to everything your Soul tells you to do for one year with alchemist Tracee Sioux.                                                                                                    Author of The Year of Yes! and Soul Vs. Ego Smackdown, Tracee will expertly help you learn how to identify which voice is your Soul speaking and which is your ego’s.                                                                                                    Tracee’s work has been featured in New York Times Magazine, Forbes.com and Today.com, and I know you’re going to want to say YES to this interview!

Tune in and discover powerful answers to key questions about your life!

  • How do you know when your Soul is talking to you?
  • What are the Ego’s biggest tricks? (this is incredibly helpful!)
  • Why are people afraid to live their Soul’s purpose?
  • How do you know what your Soul’s purpose IS?
  • How can you get your friends & family on board with your Soul’s Purpose?
  • What is the #1 killer of soul purpose?

Tracee qSioux has been through the gamut of human experience. She never preaches ~ rather, she shares heart-felt wisdom directly from lived experience. Tracee guides us in this interview to a clearer aware of the information you need to know in order to live the life you’ve imagined. She shares clear, simple steps you can immediately take to calm and soothe the ego so your Soul can have it’s way. You know your soul has been working to talk to you for ages. How ’bout learning to listen now instead of waiting for a Cosmic 2 x 4 later? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fun and engaging Tracee’s principles are, making it easy to say YES to all the goodness that wants to emerge in your life!

q-1 Be sure to visit Tracee’s website and check out her outstanding resources. And if you’re an author, you’ll be delighted to know she launched a publishing company, Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing in 2014 and is now publishing inspirational and spiritual books for others who are called to bring their own messages into the world!




12: Shakti Secrets To Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Power

Embrace sacreZinnia-Gupted feminine power into your life with Shakti Priestess, Zinnia Gupte!

Zinnia is an inspirational author, speaker, priestess and sacred dancer who is expert at connecting women with their soul’s desires.

Accept this invitation and discover keys to awakening your inner power, beauty, intuition and magic in this potent conversation from my Inviting Aphrodite series!

Belly Dance The Alchemist's Heart

Dance With Me and You Will Absolutely Light Up My Life

Never-miss-a-chance-to-dance-300x245Dance with me and you’ll light up my life!  It’s time for my birthday celebration dance party!

You know how birthdays are supposed to be happy? Full of joy, presents and giggles? A blissful combination of radiant loved ones, positive energy and well wishes?

Not always, eh?  I’m certain some of you, like me, have experienced intensely painful moments on your “special day.” Emotional catastrophes of various sorts. Enough that you half-wish you could skip it altogether.

Well, two years ago I decided enough is enough!

I declared that something GOOD can reliably happen on my birthday.

And you know what?


girl dancing at sunset
girl dancing at sunset

Thanks to YOUR help, I started a new pattern of actually ENJOYING my birthdays. So today, let’s bring on the magic again!

Together, WE are going to celebrate and help spread a pattern of empowering birthdays around the world with dance therapy.



Ready to dance?
It’s super simple. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Find a song that moves you. It can be wild and raucous, uplifting, peaceful, silly, courageous, meditative, passionate or inspiring.  Something that speaks to your soul.
  2. photo-206x300-1Choose 30 seconds My favorite form of alchemy!to 5 minutes to give yourself over to music.
  3. Grab any willing friends or family that are to hand, declare your intention, send me a virtual hug and DANCE or SING or PLAY an instrument or ALL THREE – your choice! I know some of my loves don’t dance….for you, simply immerse yourself in a song.
  4. Post a link on my Facebook page and/or HERE as a comment on my blog to let me know you joined in our celebration!
    Tell me the song you chose, where you were when you celebrated, how many people danced with us, and what FEELINGS you had when you danced.  Because feelings are the best part!
  5. You get bonus points AND extra candles on my cake if you post a pic of your dancing and/or a link to the song you chose so I can click through and groove, too!

That’s it!

THEN, when your birthday rolls around, give all of each of your friends (Ooohh, oooh, Pick me! Pick me!) a chance to reciprocate. Let us dance and celebrate for you and launch you into the next year with great big warm hearts!

With Love and Alchemy,


The Alchemist's Heart

Embrace The Dream of Awakening To Enliven Your Spirit

phoenix_risingThe brilliant Caroline Mellow of Tales from the Seed has honored us by allowing me to share her Imbolc poem in its entirety here on The Alchemist’s Heart!

If you aren’t familiar with the magic of Imbolc, get ready for a treat!  This is a fire festival on February 2nd marking the mid point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

This is a time of spring awakening!

In Celtic traditions is is known as Brigid’s Day, honoring the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, midwifery and the young. ‘Imbolc’ comes from Old Irish and means “in the belly,” or alternately “ewe’s milk,” relating this beautiful holiday to a celebration of fertility, reproduction and the young, overseen by the goddess Brigid.

May you allow this poem to wash over you and awaken the power and

regeneration of the new shoots of spring manifesting in your life!


Avalanche lily is breaking through the snow
Avalanche lily is breaking through the snow

I am the dream of awakening.

I am the returning of the light.

I am the tough green shoot pushing up through the pavestones, I am the first kiss of sunlight on the unfurling petals of the

snowdrop. I am the wind which whispers the gentle pull of home to the migratory bird.

I am the drop of ice melting on the mountainside with its great dream of the ocean.

I am the sap rising in the blossom tree just before it reveals its sticky buds to the sky; I am the riotous celebration humming away beneath the earth’s mantle of frozen sleep.

I am the rousing of the bee from its winter slumber, and the soft pad of the mother-wolf’s paw on the snow as she prepares to birth her pups.

I am hope, potential, rebirth and promise. I am the kindling breath which transforms the flicker of inspiration in your creative core into a blazing torch.

Give me the silent crescent moon rising over the sea and I will build you a bridge of silver light so you can walk up and lie in it.prayer - candle in hands

Give me the frost-hardened wilderness and I will breathe radiant green life over it.

Give me the healer, the writer, the craftsperson and the storyteller, and I will replenish her essence and make her new again.

I am Brigid, Bast, Inanna and Hestia. I am the fierce protectress of the sacred fire.

Tonight I bestow my gifts of power and courage at the hearth of your soul: power to step out of the shadows of self-doubt and negativity which have held you in darkness for too long, power to shed all that which no longer serves you, and courage to clear your heart and mind for the dawn that awaits you.

I am the time to honor your unique gifts for their true worth and to protect and nurture your creative self as you would a child. I am the deep longing of the spirit which refuses to be consumed by a narrative of fear and chooses instead to place itself vivaciously on the side of love.


I am the stirring in your belly which knows exactly what you are capable of — and that it’s time the world found out.

I am the fire within which will not be contained any longer.

I am the quickening, I am the serpent uncoiling, I am Imbolc.

I am the dream of awakening.


Originally published on one of my favorite websites, Rebelle Society.

Podcasts The Alchemist's Heart Top Talent

13: How To Alchemize Your Beautiful Life

Anna-K-podcast-300x197Learn how to bring out your inner EFBA and alchemize your beautiful life with master life coach and renegade heathen mystic, Anna Kunnecke.Join us on The Alchemist’s Heart Podcast to discover practical magic and gather effective tools you can use today in this stimulating conversation with the creatrix of DeclareDominion.com, The Queen Sweep and the EFBA mentorship program.

  • Learn what EFBA means (come on, you know you want to!)…
  • Explore what it means to be an empath…
  • Get in touch with your most authentic self through powerful questions you can use every day…
  • Discover why Anna DOESN’T believe in the power of attraction (gasp!)…
  • Soak up an effective technique to instantly begin developing healthier boundaries…

As Anna shares, “Embracing all of it (our hot mess) is how we become fully realized human beings, and that is what our souls long for.”

You’ll love this honest hour of straight talk with proven strategies to alchemize your life right away.  And when you visit DeclareDominion.com, you’ll get the 5 phrases you need to be an EFBA and start owning your life.  Because, as Anna says, it’s YOUR rich, beautiful, messy life…and you can declare dominion over all of it!


Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy concept
Health and Wellness Inviting Aphrodite The Alchemist's Heart

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark

Rekindle Your Soulfire with Aphrodite’s Spark:  3 steps to create more energy, beauty and

magic to give and receive


An invitation and training for women called to more 


Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy concept
Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy concept

Are you feeling overly busy these days?

Are you exhausted from taking care of everyone else?

Do you secretly long to stay in bed, pull the covers over your head and sleep for a week?

Do you wish that someone would show up and take care of you for once?

You’re competent, smart, and a hard worker. The problem is, you have been so busy taking care of other people — your kids, your customers, your partner, your friends, other family members — right now, you’re barely holding everything together.

You’re a tough cookie. But you can sense the light inside of you getting dimmer and dimmer. You’re too young to feel this old.

Rekindle-Your-Soulfire-Sunflower-400x250I see you, beauty. And know this: There is another way. Do not drop anchor here. The world does not need you to use yourself up until you are as empty as an old tube of toothpaste.

Your exhaustion is actually an invitation from the goddess Aphrodite herself. She is calling you to discover a new way. A better way. A way you can care deeply and well for the people you love… and have way more energy, peace and support than you have now.

Join me for this special 60 minute webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Why exhaustion is a signal that something is not working
  • How modern life sets us up to fail — and how to play the game differently so you win
  • How to finally get some freaking rest so you replenish your energy and passion for life
  • 3 things you need to stop doing now!
  • What your mother never told you about desire, attraction, and being turned on
  • Tiny, fun ways to feed your soul (even when you’re busy!)

You know deep inside this is possible for you, but nobody has shared the secrets of unlocking this Goddess energy just waiting to break free and enliven your mind, body and spirit.  It’s time to answer Aphrodite’s call and rekindle your life force — so please join us for this practical and eye-opening call.

I promise to share some of my favorite tips guaranteed to help rekindle your soulfire.   They are simple to use and they’ll make a difference in your energy the very first day!Find-your-inner-goddess-150x150Aphrodite guides all women on their path to restore their energy and deep daily pleasure in being alive. Widely known as the Greek goddess of romantic love, Aphrodite also symbolizes the deep satisfaction, beauty and renewable energy that is generated when a woman takes primary responsibility for her own love and nourishment.  Relentlessly joyful, Aphrodite is available 24/7 to her friends and followers, ready to dance us through life’s difficulties with grace.  With limitless love, she guides us into remembering our own wholeness, opening our hearts, and thriving (with some creative problem solving!). Aphrodite’s promise is this: You can rise up rejuvenated and fully alive again ~ and experience peace, pleasure and a profoundly supportive relationship with your inner goddess.

The Alchemist's Heart

Honoring Your Bravery and Beautiful Heart Light on Solstice

Today I celebrate the courage and beautiful heart light you have shown throughout this year.alice-mason-solstice-tree-150x150

We have come together to the darkest night our seasons have to offer, and we have done so with bravery and dedication to keep showing up in our lives no matter the challenges.

Maybe you think nobody notices, but I do. Thank you for bringing your own unique, soulful magic that brightens our world!

Here are some inspiring Solstice paintings and a beautiful article guaranteed to get you thinking: Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas